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Get A Reliable Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaner in Toronto

Serving Toronto, North York & the GTA

When you first purchased your Persian rug, you couldn't have been happier. Its vibrant colours caught the eye of every visitor and guest in your home. It tied your room's theme and décor together so your home felt unified and balanced.

But after several months (or even years) of everyday foot traffic, your rug could use a refresher. After so much use, it might look faded and grimy, and some of the fringe might be tangled or uneven.

Fortunately, you can bring your rug in to New Way Carpet Cleaning to restore its original beauty. As an oriental rug cleaner in Toronto, we understand what your carpet needs to stay in pristine condition.

Let Us Care for Your Rug

Whether you have a timeless handmade rug or a trendy machine-made one, the team at New Way Carpet Cleaning is ready to be your Oriental rug cleaner in Toronto. We have industrial machines that will pressure wash, rinse, and wring the rugs so they look like new.

We handle a variety of materials and styles, including:

  • Antique Persians and Aubussons

  • Broadloom and walk-off mats

  • Chinese and Indian

  • Delicate wool and silk Orientals

  • Dhurries and Kilims

  • Wiltons and Karastans

If we find stains, holes, or other types of damage during our cleaning, our Oriental rug cleaner in Toronto can also repair your rug with ease.

Bring Your Rug in Today

As a family-owned business, our team knows that your Persian rug requires more care than typical machine-made mats do. We use time-tested techniques to ensure we thoroughly clean your rug without causing further damage.

We've been in the rug cleaning and repair business since 1967, and in that time, we've performed all our repairs and cleaning on our own premises. To learn more about how we provide Persian rug cleaning in Toronto, call 416-665-8400. You can also watch our video to see our cleaning services in action.

We specialize in stain removal from delicate rugs - Call Today
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